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Blog Content/Article Generator App for eCommerce Stores - How it Works!

Every online store, whether it's big or tiny relies on content to sell online. And content becomes the thing you can't get away with. Even when you think that as something you can do it yourself, you really do not know where and how to start.

As somebody who has been in your shoes, we know what you want. Here is a sneak peek into the AdZis DIY(Do-it-yourself) content writing app that can generate interesting blog posts customized/personalized for your online store.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

No. Contentop‘s article generation mechanism has nothing to do with article spinning or article rewriting. Contentop is built on our own Content Ontology Platform, which is a PAAS Semantic Engine that mimics human writing mechanism.
As said in the previous answer, the technology used is similar to a human brain's. Take a case where you ask a group of 50 people in a room to read(not memorize) few pages about a topic and then ask them to write what they know about the topic. You will get 50 writeups all explaining the same thing in 50 different ways. This is the same idea behind Contentop and hence the writeups will not be the same. We also ensure that the descriptions are unique by running a semantic similarity/plagiarism check.
Let us not get into the details of neuroscience and cognitive science. Here is a diagram that explains the process in layman terms for everybody to understand.

Don't Miss the Future!

Intelligent Expert Systems are no longer a privilege just for the big guys. We are bringing intelligent content writing engines to everybody. Adzis wants to give everybody an opportunity to try and experience the power of AI. If your store is built on a platform other than Shopify, we have beta apps for those as well. Click here to try!.

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