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Do you know that only 0.32% of online shops publish regularly on multiple channels?

Create Content for All Your Marketing Channels

We have helped 1000s of one person online shops grow their brand on a shoe string budget

Founded in 2018 with the Contentop NLG Technology (founded in 2015),

We bring the power of Natural Language Generation technology to the masses

Contentop was founded in 2015 very before any other AI content generator tool in the market today.

In 2018, Adzis was founded to democratize content for the Contentop eCommerce usecase.

Adzis is


Not a Canned Text Generator

Replacing words in a template is not AI to us. Templates have limited variations. Beware!

Not a Spinner/Repharaser

Rephrasing doesn't require any artificial intelligence. Adzis is not a spinner.

Not a Random Text Generator

Definitely not an fine-tuned version of n-gram random text generator like the GPT-3

Adzis is available to you in two modes

Product Description Generator App

Do-it Yourself - Web App (SAAS)

Experience the freedom!
Choose if you need a web app to generate product descriptions/videos/banners yourself.

Choose Pricing Plan


  • 20 Credits
  • approx. 2,000 Words
  • 20 Product Descriptions
  • Blog/Listicles Included
  • Videos Included
  • Social Post Included
  • Chat & eMail Support


  • 200 Credits
  • approx. 20,000 Words
  • 200 Product Descriptions
  • Blog/Listicles Included
  • Videos Included
  • Social Post Included
  • Chat & eMail Support


  • 400 Credits
  • approx. 40,000 Words
  • 400 Product Descriptions
  • Blog/Listicles Included
  • Videos Included
  • Social Post Included
  • Chat & email Support


  • 10 Credits
  • approx. 1,000 Words
  • 10 Product Descriptions
  • Blog/Listicles Included
  • Videos Included
  • Social Post Included
  • Chat & eMail Support

Something for everybody.

See what a marketer, a shop owner, and an eCommerce developer has to say about Adzis.

Adzis AI for digital marketers
Marketer @ Agency

Adzis helped me get descriptions in no time and within a budget. My profit margin has gone up and I no longer have the hassle of chasing the freelancers.

AI Content Writer for ecommerce store owners
Founder @ Online Store

Adding just 100 product descriptions to my store introduced 500+ new keywords both short and long-tailed into my SEO. My organic traffic has tripled and is growing.

Adzis NLG for Websites
Developer @ Freelance

No more last minute fist fights with clients and content writers. Adzis has helped me keep myself cool even when my client sends me product lists in the nick of the time.

Here is a sneak peek at why Adzis Web App is right for you?

We did an analysis of the writeups by Adzis Engine and here is what we found

  • Adzis Product Description Generator has an average reading score at 72 (Flesch score).
  • The average plagiarism free score is 91% (copyscape).
  • 96% of our customers felt that the app is useful and served their purpose.
  • Unlike the GPT-3 tools, the relevance of the writeups generated using Adzis Product Description Generator was rated at 87% by the all online shop owners.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Adzis generated descriptions when tested for quality got an average reading ease score of 62 and a copyscape score of 91%. But for certain shopping categories there might be a few mistakes that you should check and correct. We are constantly evolving and our engine is learning from and autocorrecting with every mistake identified.
Product descriptions are generated by our AI algorithms using completely unique parameters and hence will not be the same. You can check the descriptions generated by Adzis product description generator for uniqueness by running a similarity/plagiarism check.
These tools are built on a simple principle called "canned text patterns". These are just a set of few content templates that get its variables overwritten based on a lexicon. This is a rigid and closed process. The number of sentences/bullet points that can be created using these patterns/description templates are limited. In the sense that you will end up using the same description that somebody else has also created using the same tool.

Unlike the template based tools, Adzis is pure AI - NLG. Most of the tools you see in the market use a script that can pick patterns/templates and words. AdZis is built on a four year old technology platform that we acquired from Contentop. Contentop was one of the top 5 emerging NLG startups in India. Now, it is upto you to decide. By the way, do you have the time to map each attribute of your 300 product catalog to their respective variables as required by these NLG tools?
We understand that it might be confusing for users if they are new to eCommerce. We do help them 1-on-1 through emails and over chat. You can refere to the links below on how to export the catalog from your existing store be it Shopify, Woocommerce etc. If you are still confused, contact us at hello[@] and we can guide you. In some cases, we even load the catalog for the user for the first time by exporting from the customer's store and sending them the screen recording of how it is done on their store so that they know the exact things to be done for their store.

How to download a catalog from my store?
Take a case when you do not have a spreadsheet but have specifications/attributes(eg: color,material etc) for the products listed. You can use the one by one option instead of the bulk upload. If you find the process time consuming, then the best way is to create the spreadsheet yourself by downloading the sample spreadsheet here. Sample.csv

If you are a dropshipper, a reseller or a distributor of a bigger brand you can find the product specifications/attributes in the merchant portal like Aliexpress etc, you can use the link extraction option.

You can also contact us to do the task for you. We have found automated ways of getting product attributes using data mining. Write to us at sales[@] if you need our help here.

Happy Clients

What our clients say about us

eCommerce Content Generator App - How it Works!

Every online store, whether it's big or tiny relies on content to sell online. And content becomes the thing you can't get away with. Even when you think that as something you can do it yourself, you really do not know where and how to start.

As somebody who has been in your shoes, we know what you want. Here is a sneak peek into the AdZis DIY(Do-it-yourself) web app that can generate videos, social posts, listicle blogposts, product descriptions, and SEO product titles for your online store.

Still not sure where to start?

Handholding Support for ai product description generator

Handholding Support for First Time Customers

We'll provide concierge services to first time customers. We have experts to learn about your business, and handhold you till the end. And the best part is that it's completely free!
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