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product description generator for shopify.

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product description generator for shopify.

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Ideal for one-person Shopify shops.

Try Adzis Shopify app for free. Cost saving and quick turnaround time with our artificially intelligent next generation technology solution.

  • No more hassle of hiring freelancers or building your own team.
  • You pay only for the content you need.
  • It's not only about money, you also save time and resources.

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Shopify App Pricing


i.e.:¢24 per description

400 Credits

  • Credits Transferable


i.e.:¢49 per description

100 Credits

  • Can transfer Credits to other platforms


i.e.:¢63 per description

30 Credits

  • Credits can be transfered


i.e.:¢90 per description

10 Credits

  • Credits transferrable

Free trial


  • Only Product Descriptions
  • No Blog Posts
  • Valid for 30 days
  • No credit card required
* One credit = one product description/SEO title generation.
* 20 credits for a personalized blog post generation.

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Here is why you need Adzis Shopify App

Here are a few facts from the study of the descriptions written by Adzis Shopify app

  • The average reading score of the writeups was at 62 (Flesch score).
  • The average plagiarism free score we got was at 91% (copyscape).
  • 96% of the Shopify stores that used us felt that the app is useful and served their purpose.

Cost-benefit comparison between using Adzis App and employing a content team


Inhouse or Freelance
adzis content team
Adzis approach
Work hours One worker = 25 descriptions a day
22 working days a month = 550 (25 desc x 22 days) pages a month
18 months to complete 10,000 pages
Just a few hours for 10,000 descriptions
CostAt 550 pages per worker, it requires 18.2 workers and a month to complete 10,000 pages
Just 1/400th of the cost of worker salaries.
Cost of a product description = lesser than the cost of a click you would spend on a Pay-Per-Click/PPC ad.

Why not invest on Adzis for long-term SEO & customer experience gains than spending on Pay-Per-Click ads and referral discounts?. It requires only a cut of your PPC spend. Do it now!

Your Questions Answered

No, certainly not. You can login with your shopify password and select one product from your catalog at a time and click generate description button. You will find the generated description in the right side box in which you can make modifications/corrections and click publish button to get directly published in your website. If you are not-interested or don't have time to proofread the description, then opt for DFY(Done-For-You) option in which our team will do the work for you.
You can. Click this link - sign up here.
Of course, at any time. While using our App, if you feel that any other plan would be a better choice, you can always switch to a best-fit plan and you will be billed accordingly for the subsequent months.
Adzis generated descriptions when tested for quality got an average reading ease score of 62 and a copyscape score of 91%. But for certain shopping categories there might be a few mistakes that you should check and correct. We are constantly evolving and our engine is learning from and autocorrecting with every mistake identified.
Product descriptions are generated by our AI algorithms using completely random parameters and hence will not be the same. You can check the descriptions for uniqueness by running a similarity/plagiarism check.
These tools are built on a simple principle called "canned text patterns". These are just a set of few product description templates that get its variables overwritten based on a lexicon. This is a rigid and closed process. The number of sentences/bullet points that can be created using these patterns/description templates are limited. In the sense that you will end up using the same product description that somebody else has also created using the same tool.

There is no AI or NLG involved in these description generator tools. It's purely a script that can pick patterns/templates and words. AdZis is built on a four year old technology platform that we acquired from Contentop. Contentop was one of the top 5 emerging NLG startups in India. Now, it is upto you to decide. By the way, do you have the time to map each attribute of your 300 product catalog to their respective variables as required by these NLG tools?
Our content engine is optimized to generate descriptions for a few categories. If your products doesn't fall under any of those categories or if our engine couldn't identify the store's categories, then there is a high chance that your website may not be qualified. Also, the engine needs sufficient data points to generate meaningful and SEO optimized content. If sufficient data points are missing, then your website will not be qualified. However, please contact sales[@] for a manual assesement.
You can cancel/unsubscribe at any time and won't be billed for subsequent months.

Adzis is available in two modes

product description generator for shopify.

Do-it Yourself - Web App (SAAS)

Experience the freedom!.
Choose if you are looking for a web app to write product content. You'll 've to proof read before publishing.

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